The Circular Economy in Qatar 2 - Issues for Discussion

22 May 2023
The Circular Economy  in Qatar 2 - Issues for Discussion

This report is the second stage in a programme of work to develop data-driven policy recommendations. These recommendations support Qatar and other countries in the wider MENA region to diversify their economies and build a sustainable, circular economy for future generations. The report is a scoping exercise ahead of the final stage of work, which will involve conducting a life cycle analysis across Qatar’s entire domestic economy. The results of this and all previous work will be used to develop detailed, robust policy recommendations. The work has been produced by a team of policy experts, academics, and graphic designers. The first report drew on a series of consultations to engage policymakers, professionals and civil society within Qatar. The consultations reflected views on the opportunities and challenges that Qatar faces related to circularity. They also provided a range of qualitative data on the interventions being taken by businesses and the government and proposed solutions and new potential interventions. 

The first report explored six sectors: hospitality, water, plastics, food, the built environment, and energy transition and renewables. This report builds on the findings and uses quantitative and qualitative data to hone and develop detailed policy recommendations for three sectors identified during the first stage as having the greatest potential for moving towards a circular economy. These sectors are hospitality, food and domestic waste, and the built environment.

The Circular Economy in Qatar 2-Executive Summary.pdf

The Circular Economy in Qatar 2-Full Report.pdf